What is your subscription refund policy?

Our subscription refund policy can be found on our Terms and Conditions (sometimes called "Policies") page. There's always a link to it in our site footer at the bottom of every page. We generally don't offer refunds on subscriptions, but we'd love to work with you during your tenure as a new member to help you get the most out of your membership.

In addition, we are offering a full refund of Lifetime Memberships purchased prior to August 18, 2012 to those Lifetime Members who were unsatisfied with how the MLIFE service was advertised prior to July 18, 2012, when we altered our business strategy significantly as communicated in the July 18, 2012 MLIFE Newsletter, and discontinued some of the MLIFE benefits that we originally advertised.

This refund offer will expire December 31, 2013. If you would like this refund, please file a support issue. That issue will be assigned directly to Ryan Jordan, who will reply with a series of questions as part of an optional exit interview. Participation in the exit interview is not required for processing your refund.

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