I no longer have access to my old email address associated with my account. What do I do?

Here's the best solution to gain access to your old account:

Contact your old email provider and ask them to reopen your account. Visit the forgot password form, enter that email address, go to that account, check your email, click the password reset link in that email, and follow the instructions from there until you successfully login. Then, immediately change your email address in your account information by visiting My BPL.

Here's the second best solution:

Submit a support ticket with a photograph (cell phone photo is fine) of a government-issued photo ID, and links to other profiles with your photo and real name online elsewhere (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn). If we can match this information with the identity information that you have entered in your backpackinglight.com account (including at minimum, your real name and address), then we can change the email address on your old account.

Here's why:

We understand that it might be disappointing to be locked out of your account. We take privacy and security seriously and this policy is in place to protect unauthorized access to your personal information. Here's the scenario we are most interested in preventing: someone contacts us, pretending to be you, giving us your old email address and username (neither of which may be private), and asks us to change the email address on an account that the impersonator has control over. Not a terribly sophisticated scheme, but certainly one that would lead to someone stealing your identity at backpackinglight.com and impersonating you if we honored their request on the backend.

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