What (tent / sleeping bag / backpack / etc.) do you recommend?

"I'm looking for..."

Gear research can be daunting, here are a few resources that may help:

  1. Guide's Gear Recommendations. This article featured the gear we recommend for our Wilderness Adventures participants. The focus of these recommendations is on versatility in a wide range of conditions, durability, and value.
  2. Staff Picks. Here is a collection of gear that our staff actually uses and recommends, and another set of recommendations curated specifically by Backpacking Light's publisher Ryan Jordan.
  3. Gear you can buy at REI. We've put together a specific list of gear available at REI, so REI members can capitalize on REI's dividend benefits.
  4. Gear ReviewsGear Guides, and State of the Market Reports are available and represent a core part of what we publish here at Backpacking Light.
  5. Research what others are doing on the forums (especially the Gear Forums).
  6. Post your question on the forums. Our community's collective knowledge is vast and they can share their experiences and recommendations with you.

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