What about lightweight backpacking gear for Scouts / Scouting / Philmont?

Backpacking Light's Publisher, CEO, and Founder Ryan Jordan has a long history with Scouting. He's an Eagle Scout, Philmont Alumnus, former High Adventure Director for the Chief Seattle Council, and High Adventure Program Director for the Montana Council. Ryan founded the Montana Council's trekking and packrafting program at the Montana High Adventure Base, and has served as a Scoutmaster and Venture Crew Advisor.

Here are some Backpacking Light-curated resources to help you lighten up in the context of the Scouting movement, high adventure treks, or a Philmont trip:

  1. Ryan recently wrote a series of articles for Scouting Magazine about lightweight backpacking:
    1. What’s in his pack? Gear-planning tips from an ultralight backpacking expert
    2. Debunking common myths about ultralight backpacking
    3. Seven steps to lighten your backpack
  2. Backpacking Light hosts two forums specific to Scouting:
    1. Backpacking Light with Scouts
    2. Philmont
  3. Scouting authors have published some key articles about lightweight backpacking with Scouts, and Philmont preparation and experiences:
    1. Philmont Scout Ranch: How Light Can You Go?
    2. Boy Scout Gear List: Philmont Scout Ranch, New Mexico, Summer
    3. A Philmont Journal (5-Part Series)
  4. Where to buy gear?
    1. We understand that parents and Scouting units have limited budgets. Although not necessarily a gear list targeted to fast-growing young people, our Guide's Gear Recommendations are very popular amongst Scout leaders. It represents the gear we recommend that balances high performance, lightweight, versatility, durability, and value.
    2. If you are an REI member, check our specific list of curated REI gear recommendations here.
    3. We have a Gear Deals page and a Find Gear on Sale Search Engine as well!
    4. Also check out our Gear Swap, the internet's largest buy-sell forum specifically for used lightweight backpacking gear!

We hope you find these resources valuable, and you lay a foundation for helping your Scouts pack lighter and enjoy their Scouting experience more!

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